Lets MUET !! (FAQ)


Salam and greetings!

We meet again. So this very good wonderful evening I would like share to you guys about MUET. What is actually MUET? Is it a food or a drink? Nope! MUET is short-term of Malaysia University English Test. So who will take this test and how important MUET is?

1) STPM candidates, matriculation students, diploma and pre-university students who wish to pursue a first degree program in local universities must take MUET.

2) MUET registration is online. Candidates can surf MEC’s portal http://www.mpm.edu.my or http://online.mpm.edu.my to know the process and method to register for MUET.

3) There are four papers in MUET, Listening (800/1), Speaking (800/2), Reading (800/3) and Writing (800/4).

4) The fee starting 2012 is RM100.

5) Go to http://www.mpm.edu.my/en/muet1 for more info.

So as you can see here, MUET is very crucial and as one of the compulsory regulations to achieve your first degree program. There are six bands in MUET. Bands are referring to the grade you will get after you finished your MUET. It is depend on your proficiency in English. Not like English, MUET is way up to the standard. My suggestion is for those who not decide whether to enter University or Form 6, you guys should pick Form6 because there is a MUET class in Form 6 which you don’t need to pay at all. Here are the grades for MUET.


Band 2- 100-139 (LIMITED USER)
Band 3- 140-179 (MODEST USER)
Band 4- 180-219 (SATISFACTORY USER)
Band 5- 220-259 (PROFICIENT USER)


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