Reflection Week 2 (Edu. Tech)

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

So our second class took place on the 4th March. I was so excited when I knew that Dr Fariza will conduct the lecturer. Dr Fariza was our previous lecturer for GE1155 Computer in Education. Plus, the class took place in a more comfortable place, Pusat Islam Hadhari.

So before we started the class, Dr Fariza briefly explained about the things that we need to sort out throughout this course. The reflections really do its part with 40% marks overall. Then, Dr Fariza told us to do our reflections in various mediums. So I used my previous to do my reflections.

The lecture was on Instructional Technology.  Based on my understanding, instructional technology is a method or style of delivering information to a student or audience is devised and then put into action. The delivery technique and audience are then monitored in some way so as to determine the effectiveness of the delivery process. This feedback data then gives the designers of the delivery mechanism a way to measure the effectiveniss of the process and a chance to improve upon the process by introducing new elements and/or eliminating ineffective elements of the delivery method and try again, and again.


I also learnt about the 5 main aspects of Educational Technology. which involves design, development, utilization, management and evaluation.

So that’s all from me. Looking forward to see you guys again in the next class!

Bye! 🙂


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