Reflection Week 4 (Edu. Tech)

Salam and hi everyone! 😀

So today our class was conducted by Dr Rosseni alongside Dr Fariza. At first, Dr Rosseni wanted to briefly explain and talk about Photography, but she changed the plan and asked us to do our story board on a piece of mahjong paper. My group consists of me myself, Fikri, Marco, Ismail, and Faizah.


So Dr Rosseni gave us a lot of time to work on our storyboard for our video project. So we get started. Brainstorming ideas from 5 brains. Finally, we’ve come out with an idea. We wanted to act on related to financial issue among university’s students. So we’ve come up with our video’s title called “404 Money Not Found”. I’ve started by drawing out six vertical lines to divide the mahjong paper into six boxes while my other members are trying to figure out what is the best idea to conclude the story line. Every shot (scene) will be inserted into every box. After a lot of brainstorming going on, finally we had the build up of the story line.



Then the work continued by Faizah. She is expert in drawing things. So I leave it all to her to draw our scene, characters. and other stuffs. The result was very nice. Our drawing is just like anime’s comic. I am glad that my members gave 100% cooperation in completing the story line.

After all groups finished with their works, Dr Rosseni asked which group will going to present their storyboard first. So I volunteered to be the first group to present. So we step up and Fikri presented the ideas towards Dr Rosseni and Dr Fariza. Alhamdulillah our storyboard satisfied both Dr Rosseni and Dr Fariza. They just suggested that our ending must have some sort of solutions towards the issue. After that, Dr Rosseni gave us nasi lemak. We were very shocked and on the same time, very happy because we got free meals.

Thanks Dr Rossen! 😀

p/s: Our shooting will be started next week, by hook or by crook.


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