Reflection Week 5 (Edu. Tech)


Hi guys! So its week five! I was absent because I woke up late. So I asked my friends what they had learnt. The class was conducted by Dr Fariza. The topic was about traditional media.

In my perspective, traditional media is an old media, media that have existed long time ago before the introduction to internet. Most of the old media is a one-way communication which means we received the information as reliable. The examples of old media are radio, television, newspapers, magazines etc. Teachers can use old media in various different ways to teach in the class.Back then, there is no thing such as internet to teach students in the class. So it is good that we can reminisce old days of other experienced teachers. For example, the usage of the overhead projector in the class. An overhead projector is a variant of slide projector that is used to display images to an audience. Me also experienced the usage of this gadget when I was in form 1 to 3 during my science class. Old media is more reliable than the media use right now. The internet user can hoax a story and make us believe that the story is true. Teachers can easily influence by the hoax and use the information to teach students in the class.

That’s all from me! Cheers!



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