Edutechnovation Day!!

The time has arrived! đŸ˜›

Today is the big day for us. The Edutechnovation Day conducted by 2nd year TESL Students. Me and some of my members were in the logistic department during this day. Edutechnovation Day is where all of our skills and tricks in technologies are put to the test (as teachers). Here is the tentative of the event:

8.30am: Students and lecturers arrival
9.00am: The event started (video presentation)
11.30am: Break (multimedia presentation, assesment)
12.00pm: Prize giving ceremony






Our group has been crowned 3rd place! We were so grateful and excited! It was beyond our expectation! We would like to thank Dr Fariza, Dr Khalid, and Prof Rosseni for assisting us, guiding us, and most importantly being so kind to us! Words cannot describe how happy we are with your course! Sincere apologies from us if we did some pointless mistakes and problems throughout the semester.

Thanks for everything! đŸ˜€


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